Submission to the City budget consultations, October 2106

The GottaGo! Campaign understands that the City is in a budget squeeze that is hurting many people, particularly the most vulnerable.

However, we also understand that an effective transportation system and safe mobility require the provision of accessible, open toilets that are easy-to-find.

Without open, accessible, easy-to-find public toilets:

  • The more than 7000 people in Ottawa with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or other incontinence issues are afraid to use public parks and splash pads or to take transit;
  • Seniors and families limit their use of public parks – often their only access to nature;
  • Many older adults and persons with disabilities are confined to their homes.
  • People desperate for a restroom look for bushes and back alleys.

This past summer, with the Carlington Community Association’s endorsement and the City’s permission, GottaGo! paid for a decorated accessible portable toilet at the Harrold Place Splash  Pad. A local artist painted it with a colourful mural. The community loved it, and there were no complaints or vandalism.

It cost only $580 for a wheelchair accessible unit, cleaned twice a week for four months.

Next summer, let’s make sure all well-used parks and playgrounds have at least one attractive accessible portable toilet that is open!