City Council Debates 2016 Budget

We need your help to make sure a network of public toilets is still top-of-mind for our Ottawa City Councillors as they debate the budget for next year.  Meetings started on November 17 and continue until December 7.  Call your Councillor to make your views known.

Our requests are in jeopardy because of the Mayor’s promise to limit tax increases to 2%, a situation that means we are competing with many other worthy initiatives. This should not be the case.

The people of Ottawa want and need good infrastructure, good parks and recreational opportunities, and transportation, housing, food security and education that are available for all. We know that costs money but, what the City does not provide,  we will end up paying for with our time and our own resources. We already see a City that is increasingly unavailable for those without financial means and this affects the quality of life for everyone.

A great capital city has great public toilets.